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Presenter Rules

We kindly request that those interested in presenting or attending our events adhere to our straightforward rules and procedures. This helps us maintain a positive experience for all! Please read the information carefully below.

How to "Pitch-A-Friend" At An Upcoming Event

1.Submit "Request to Pitch" Form:

You must sign up to pitch in advance to present at any of our events. Spots are limited, so submit early, even if your presentation isn't ready. Events with full slots will be marked as (WAITLIST). You can join the wait list for cancellations, and we'll notify you accordingly. To sign up, click Cities in the navigation header and select the city you'd like to pitch in. On each city pages is their designated "Pitch Form".

2.Confirm Your Spot:

Confirm your spot by sending a $5.00 Venmo payment to the hosting Pitch-A-Friend chapter (instructions will be automatically sent once your fill our the pitch request form!). Please ensuring to include the event date and your name in the description. This gesture demonstrates your commitment to presenting, and as a token of appreciation, you'll receive a complimentary drink at the event. We'll confirm your spot by commenting on the transaction. If you're on the wait list, please await notification before proceeding with payment.

Cancellation PolicyIf you need to cancel, please email the Pitch-A-Friend chapter at least 3 days prior to the event to be eligible for a refund.

3.Create and Share Your Pitch Deck:

Send or share your presentation with your hosting Pitch-A-Friend chapter anytime before your event, ensuring it's received at least 3 hours prior to the start time. You will receive email reminders from our team leading up to your event date. Google Slides or Canva "share links" are preferred! (check your email for specific instructions after signing up to pitch!)

Presentation Requirements and Suggestions

General Rules

1.Keep it positive! This is NOT a roast. This event is to promote friends in a positive and fun way!

2.Keep it clean! We encourage creativity in presentations, but please refrain from including nudity or inappropriate imagery.

3.Keep it under 5 minutes! Be imaginative, but aim to keep your presentation under 5 minutes. Including the individual's preferred pronouns, sexual orientation, and age is recommended, it's entirely optional.

Last Slide The final slide should feature a picture of the person along with their contact information (Instagram, phone number, etc.). This slide will remain displayed between pitches and will also be included in the event summary at the end.

File Name Include the name of the person being pitched and the presenter in the file name (example: "ALEX pitched by Jane").

Looking for Inspiration?

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Attendee Guidelines

To ensure a safe, respectful, and enjoyable experience for everyone, we kindly ask all participants to adhere to the following guidelines:

1.Respect and Inclusivity

2.Consent and Boundaries

3.Behavior and Etiquette


5.Drink Responsibly

6.Conflict Resolution

7.Participation and Engagement

8.Consequences of Violations


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